6 Great Tips to Make Your Content Marketing a Success

Compared to 20 years ago, the average consumer is smarter and more tech savvy. Much of this is due to the development of the internet and other technology. No matter the time of day, people have a vast amount of information right at their fingertips; all they need to do is click their mouse or tap their mobile device.

This means that by the time a consumer reaches out to your company about a product or service, most of their buying journey is already complete. So, how do you reach your audience and make your message stand out? Behold the power of content marketing!

Let’s dive into six of our go-to tips to effectively leverage content marketing for your business.

Offer Value

Above all else, offer value to your customers. You can pitch the features and advantages of your product or service as much as you want. At the end of the day, however, people want to know what makes your product or service different from others. Who are you? What does your company value? What credibility do you have? Why should they spend their money at your business instead of your competitor? Content marketing offers a variety of strategies and platforms you can use to communicate this information to your consumers.

Blogs, video, photos, social media, and newsletters are a few examples of how to use content marketing. The best platforms for your business will depend on your marketing strategy and budget. Take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with consumers on a personal level by creating content that shows (not just tells) them how your product or service can improve their lives.

Align Your Message

Consistent messaging across all platforms is crucial to driving your content marketing strategy home. In addition to boosting brand recognition, aligning your message across different media channels ensures your audience receives the correct information. It also helps convey the essence of what your company is all about, while boosting your search engine optimization (SEO).

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Focus on Quality vs. Quantity

Would you rather go to a conference and see 10 motivational speakers that were mediocre, or just one that truly inspired you? Your customers feel the same. Consumers want to find valuable, relevant information that educates them and speaks to their interests. Make sure every blog post, article, and e-book you produce offers the quality information they are looking for – not just copious amounts of words that ultimately tell them nothing.

Keep It Concise

Brevity is an art that is wise to master in today’s fast-paced world. Over 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared each day. However, the average consumer is willing to spend no more than 5 minutes reviewing most content formats. Getting your message across to consumers in a simple, concise manner will help to separate you from competitors in the enormous ocean that is marketing, and make your message more memorable.

Implement Visuals

Did you know visuals account for 90% of the processed information that comes into the brain? Use this nugget of knowledge to your advantage by implementing visuals throughout your content marketing that reinforce your message or purpose. Visuals such as infographics, photos, or graphs are more easily retained than text. This means that in most cases, that picture really is worth a thousand words.

Prioritize Accessibility

All of your efforts in making outstanding content marketing will be for nothing if they are not easily accessible to consumers. Imagine how frustrating it is for people looking for information on your products and services if they can’t find it! Instead, delight the savvy consumer of today by providing them with everything they need to make a purchasing decision right where they are.

These essential tips for creating remarkable content marketing pieces will help you provide consumers with the information they crave. They will thank you for it, whether by becoming loyal customers or even big advocates for your brand. This is pivotal for your company’s long-term success.

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