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As a full-service marketing company, Stray Media Group believes in providing our customers with the full scope of marketing products and services needed to create a well-rounded strategy. Video has quickly become an essential component of a successful marketing strategy, which is why we offer professional video and photography services from our own video production company, River North Productions.

Based in Grand Forks, ND, our team of professional videographers, photographers, and FAA-licensed pilots help bring the vision of our customers to life through our award-winning video production services. We help people and businesses tell their stories, allowing them to rise above the mundane with unique and captivating videos and photos.  

Video and photo shoot of sheetrock installation equipment.

What services does River North Productions offer?

Whether you’re a business interested in corporate branding videos, professional headshots, and commercials, or a filmmaker looking for regional drone footage of the vast Red River Valley, our crew at River North Productions will deliver high-impact visual content for your project.

Video Production

Increase your brand awareness and engage your audience with our video production, editing, and marketing services. We offer full-service video production – from concept development and script writing to videography, postproduction, and editing services – that fits the needs of your project. Whether you want us to manage the entire project from start to finish, or play a smaller role in the process, our services are easily tailored to what you’re looking for.  

Video shoot set up in office

We use state-of-the-art equipment for exceptionally sharp footage, give you access to our professional talent – from content writers and voiceovers to postproduction and more – and are deadline driven to deliver on your project’s timeline. 

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Professional photography elevates your brand and marketing material to the next level. Everything – from your website and print campaigns to corporate headshots and architectural photos – is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and make a lasting impression on your audience and customers.

At River North, our photography services meet your needs near and far, whether you’re looking to come into our in-house studio or would like us to travel to your location. We work with industries across the board, from architectural, commercial, and real estate to events, lifestyle photos, headshots, and more.


Taking your visual content to new heights, our professional drone cinematography services at River North Productions can complement any visual project. Our experienced FAA-licensed UAS pilots use the latest in drone and UAV technology to provide captivating aerial videos and photos from a whole new perspective, and are licensed for flight day or night.

Videographer and FAA licensed UAS drone pilot next to equipment.

How do video and photo services tie into your marketing strategy?

The wrapping of a video or photo project is really just the beginning. At Stray Media Group, we know the importance of strategizing how your project will be shared with the world. Just as video is an essential part of marketing, so too is marketing an essential part of promoting your videos.

The products and services we offer at Stray Media Group and our subsidiary, River North Productions, work in tandem to help your project reach your audience and grow your brand awareness. To learn more about our services from Stray Media Group and River North Productions, chat with us today.

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