Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Their Marketing

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Friends are great — we all love friends! Catching up over a bite to eat, going to see that new comedy in theaters, or taking to the open road for a trip across the country — all adventures are made that much better when a friend is in tow. What might not be the best thing to rely on friends for? Your business’s marketing strategy and materials.

We can’t count the number of times we’ve heard something along the lines of “I asked my friend to help me out, but that was over a year and a half ago and nothing’s been done yet,” or “my cousin took a class on WordPress back in college so I had her build my website, but nothing works right.” What it boils down to is this: having an expert in your corner dedicated to providing you with professional services will prove to be the best route time and again.

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The most common reason businesses seek out help from a friend, relative, or maybe a student starving for experience is to save money. Maybe you’re just starting up your company and can’t fathom the term ‘marketing budget’ (insert shameless plug on how marketing budgets are essential and can actually be very attainable here), so you opt for the cheapest possible route, be it a $300 website or, dare we say, a “free” site.

What you’ll quickly learn is that nothing is free in these scenarios. As they say, “time is money,” and 95% of the time when you choose to rely on someone who is helping you in their “free time” (see what we did there) your project will collect dust and before you know it, it’s a year later and you’re still at square one with no website. Additionally, the unknown number of potential customers you missed out on the opportunity to reach during that time — waiting on the website that never came (cue tears streaming down face) — is irrevocable.

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What else can you gain from trusting a professional marketing team with your business? We’re so glad you asked…

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How your brand is presented to the world — your look and feel, what it is you offer, what sets you apart from the competition, and ultimately why the heck anyone should choose your business over the next guy’s — can be the tipping point between skyrocketing into successful growth and “enjoying” stagnant sales year after year (or even failure).

If your company doesn’t give two hoots about whether your free logo a pal threw together is blurry and only found in .jpeg format (face, meet palm), why should anyone believe you’re going to give them the attention they deserve as a customer when you don’t care to give your own brand some much-needed T.L.C.?

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Holding your brand to the highest level of integrity possible is what a good marketing company will do for you. At Stray Media Group, we like to say we’re the guardians of your brand, going that extra mile to make sure your brand is represented the way it should be — sometimes even more than you yourself may think is necessary. It’s what we do best, because we know that’s not necessarily what the typical business owner thinks to do and why they need us most.

Which conveniently brings us to our final point…

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You don’t know what you don’t know. Do we as marketing professionals have any idea how to rewire an office building? No — we leave that to the professional electricians. Do the professional electricians have any idea how to manage social media accounts and promote themselves online? Survey says ‘no — that’s what professional marketers are for.’

Professional marketing experience and industry knowledge are invaluable to a company looking to grow their business and stay relevant in the process. Not only do they know what they’re doing from the get-go, but the industry is constantly changing and requires those professionals to stay on top of it.

LinkedIn revamped its company page layouts? No worries, your marketing professional has been in the know for months and already made the necessary adjustments to keep your business page looking fly. Pinterest retiring their ‘Like’ button that you’ve invested hours in while building your boards? Don’t sweat it; the experts are formulating plans for how to change up the game plan to keep your pins on fleek. Facebook page set up years ago by a friend of a friend you no longer have a phone number for? If we had a nickel. Let the pros get you set up the right way from the start.

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Hiring a pro marketing team that always has your back is going to save you time, money, stress, and potentially even from throwing your chair through a wall one day because your website has been down for months and your friend/webmaster won’t return your calls. You don’t need that negativity in your life — get a teammate on your side to worry about that stuff for you today, so you can focus on growing your customer base and revenue.

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