Marketing Skills: What Our Team Brings to the Table

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Finding a marketing agency that cares about your goals and success is key to growing your business. To create and implement marketing strategies that uplift your business is no small feat. It takes a team that genuinely cares and has your best interests in mind as they constantly look for ways to grow your business.

In a nutshell, this is exactly what we do at Stray Media Group.

What top skills do we bring to the table?

Our marketing pros – who may or may not also be considered delightful goofballs when you get to know us – together make up a team that thrives on three main skill themes: relationship building, strategic thinking, and executing.

Relationship Building

How do we engage differently?

Our group thrives on making connections with people, and our customers are no exception. We genuinely care about connecting with our clients and helping them succeed in reaching goals. When our customers win, we feel that same exciting jolt they do and consider it a win for ourselves, too.

How do our relationshipbuilding skills benefit you?

It all starts at the beginning. We take the time to get to know you, your business, and your goals. This is a vital part of our process, so that we have a great understanding of what you’re looking for and can then offer solutions for how we can help.

Strategic Thinking

How do we think differently?

We are a group of people who love to problem-solve. It gives us a thrill to find unique solutions that put the spotlight on your business.

How do our strategic thinking skills work for you?

We live for facts, data, concepts, and ideas that challenge the status quo. We look at our customers’ challenges from every angle and explore creative ways to overcome them, while moving toward their goals. In this process, we develop a strong sense of purpose behind every strategy, which helps to build your brand based on your values, which in turn inspires your audience to engage and become loyal customers.


How do we get things done differently?

We are task-oriented warriors. Our team – on an individual level as well as collectively – is driven by structured processes and timelines to foster our strong sense of need for a productive and efficient work environment. The achievement of providing our customers with the best is high on our list of priorities, and we are known for delivering on this.

How can our skills in executing help your project?

Whether your project is complex, like an entire brand development from scratch, or something more small and straight-forward, like printing business cards, you want to trust who you hire to get it done. We pride ourselves on being a highly dependable team that doesn’t just meet the needs of our customers, but exceeds them, and offers creative solutions along the way to help make your project the best that it can be.

At Stray Media Group, we work hard to define and develop our individual and collective strengths to build a stronger team. It is our belief that in doing so, we’re able to offer our customers truly exceptional work from inspired humans, for inspired humans. Interested in learning more about how we can help your business? Let’s do something amazing together.

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