Why Your Marketing Should Be Better than “Good Enough”

“Eh, it’s good enough.”

Have you ever uttered these words when creating your own marketing materials for your business? If so, you may have a case of “good enough syndrome,” as we like to call it.

Good enough syndrome is the acceptance of something that is lower quality or does not meet brand standards. Usually this happens due to lack of time, budget, or priority on brand identity.

As a group of professional marketers, the phrase “it’s good enough” is like nails on a chalkboard to us at Stray Media Group. Why? Because we see what companies could be if they raise their standards for excellence and embrace their full potential. We believe that when businesses explore all branding possibilities outside of what they’ve always done, that’s when great things happen.

Keep reading to learn how your business can avoid “good enough syndrome” through brand identity, consistent communication, and user experience.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity encompasses all the visible elements of your brand that drive how people perceive you. This includes your name, logo, tagline, and colors. As an individual, you choose an outfit every day to present yourself to the world, right? For businesses, it’s a similar concept. Companies must step into their metaphorical closet and choose how they’ll portray themselves to their target audiences.

If your company has “good enough syndrome,” however, there’s a risk of compromising your brand’s representation. Perhaps it’s a poorly designed website that doesn’t work, or a print ad that lacks a call to action. This carelessness creates all sorts of missed opportunities to connect and engage with potential customers.

Creating your brand identity takes lots of time and effort, but it’s essential to define who you are as a business and how you want people to identify your brand. Is your business more of the sleek suit and tie variety? Or perhaps a more fun, happy-go-lucky vibe? Pick a lane and stick to it, all while ensuring your entire marketing strategy presents your unique identity to the world in a professional, well-thought-out manner.

Consistent Communication

How do you ensure your brand is always represented correctly? Consistent communication. Every single item, from your business card to your storefront sign, needs to exude the look and feel of your brand. Regardless of the type of piece, anyone who encounters your brand should know right away that it’s your business.

We often see people develop the “good enough syndrome” when it comes to consistency. Perhaps you are on a tight deadline and choose “free” graphic design services that a tabloid offered you. Sure, they don’t know anything about your brand, but who cares? It’s fast and it’s free, right? Or maybe you hire a friend-of-a-friend to create a cheap website to save money (a big no-no, in our opinion).

Whatever the case is, it all comes down to this – does your communication align with your brand? Is it up to the brand standards you’ve worked so hard to build from the beginning? If it’s anything short of excellent, it’s not good enough.

User Experience

Why is identity and consistency so important for your brand? It all comes down to the relationships and engagements you make with your audience. After all, marketing is all about connecting with people at the right time and place. It’s about communicating what you have to offer that will improve, simplify, or enhance their lives.

A non-functional website, a fuzzy image, an outdated logo – all of this negatively affects how users experience your brand. Consumers are smarter than ever these days. When you say, “ahhh, I guess that’s good enough,” people notice that, and their perception of your brand drops a few pegs.

Instead, make the conscious decision to market your business with excellence. Create pieces that are on par with brand identity, communicated consistently, and designed beautifully. That way, consumers will easily see your dedication to your brand and consider you a company that deserves their business.

Find yourself in these predicaments from time to time, but not sure where to begin? No sweat; that’s what we’re here for. We love this stuff and have an eye for where your business can be. All it takes is some T.L.C. for your brand and a dedication to striving for nothing short of excellent. Contact us today to discuss your marketing strategy and how we can help.

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