Pinterest vs. Instagram: What Should You Try First?




If there is one tried and true rule all social media marketers know, it is that the more visual you are, the more interaction you start to see with your fans. This is because fans want to see what you’re made of! They want to see pictures of the clothing you design or the bike you are giving away; they want to see videos of your latest software tutorial or how to make a delicious latte with your new coffee maker.


Ultimately, they want to interact with your brand. That’s why they ‘liked’ it or started to follow you. Visually pleasing images and interactive videos are by far the best way to bump your engagement up instantly on social media.


Two social avenues that lend themselves perfectly to sharing visual content are Pinterest and Instagram. They allow a brand to share what they find inspiring, useful, or just plain cool.




So which one is right for your brand? Although many brands effectively utilize both Pinterest and Instagram, it’s certainly easier and more realistic for smaller companies to start with one. When deciding which network to start with, it’s important to first think about your audience, because at the end of the day, this is designed for them to use! Take a look at this chart below to see where your audience is most likely to be:




Listening to your audience is the bottom line when deciding between these two platforms. We see younger audiences go for Instagram, while older folks go for Pinterest. If your brand’s typical customer is not mobile-savvy, you should not make Instagram a top social priority.


Knowing your audience’s tendencies will be like finding gold when choosing which social media platforms to go forward with, especially when you are deciding between Pinterest and Instagram!





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