Don’t Have a Marketing Strategy? Here’s Why You Need One.

In order for a brand to successfully market itself appropriately and effectively, a marketing strategy must, MUST, be in place. A marketing strategy is your brand’s master map to everything you want to do as far as sales, advertising, your budget, your promotions timeline, etc. It is also an essential process to have in place to ensure that your brand achieves what you set out to do.

If your brand already has an effective marketing strategy in place, you’re on the right track! Don’t have one or not sure what it even entails? Listen up! We’ll share with you why you need a marketing strategy in place today!

Part of the reason why a marketing strategy is essential is that it will force you to list and follow the goals you have set out for your brand. Whether you need to increase sales, create a larger social media presence, or incorporate more traditional advertising in your community, a marketing strategy will help you stick to these goals and figure out new and interesting ways to meet them. Your brand needs to acknowledge what needs improvement and what your roadmap will look like to get there. Once this is figured out, a marketing strategy will begin to form!


Not only does a carefully thought-out marketing strategy present you with a specific path, but it will also allow you to monitor and measure the results of your strategy’s components. This way, you cannot only see how your current strategy is performing, but you’ll see how you can eliminate the negatives and incorporate the positives into the next year’s strategy. For instance, let’s say your short-term goal is to obtain a larger presence on Facebook and Twitter by posting and tweeting 1-3 times per day and acquiring 25% more followers on both platforms. You can monitor this goal by assigning more specific social media roles within your company with specific tasks to get this completed (i.e., posting twice a day, purchasing ad space, using more hashtags, etc.). Then, after a year, you can measure specifically how well you did and use that information to guide you into the next year’s strategy.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, hear this out. Your brand needs short-term and long-term goals, correct? Well, these short and long-term goals are the building blocks of your marketing strategy. Think of them as the basic outline, and the details come into play when you put these goals on paper and figure out how you are going to execute them using your whole marketing and branding team.

Marketing strategies are essential to your brand’s growth. Without one, it’s similar to navigating in the dark without any light. A marketing strategy not only helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it gives you vision the whole way through.

Don’t have an effective marketing strategy yet? SMG can help plan out what your company needs to create a successful roadmap for your short and long-term goals.

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