Stray Media Group – The Team, The Myth, The Legends

Dark blue stone background with numbers for year 2018 transitioning to 2019


The year was 2018, the team was SMG.

Many exciting changes had them jumping with glee.


From being adorned with new, shiny awards to proudly hang on their wall

To growing their team nearly two times its size, the crew sure had a ball.


First came Mariah with her wonderfully witty social skills,

Followed by Santina, whose innate ability to maximize gives us thrills.


Soon after, came Jordan whose superb attention to detail is one to admire,

And Amber, an SEO expert whose talent is straight fire.


With four new power-house worker bees to round out the team,

The company knew it was well on its way to positively gleam.


Accounts were managed with exceptional care and finesse by one Tim and one Jen,

While creativity flourished with brilliant works by Keely and Alexa again and again.


With two fearless leaders, one named Dave and the other Heather,

Team SMG knew it would endure a storm brought on by any type of weather.


How could an already outstanding year possibly have yet another component that shines?

By winning multiple international awards for their excellent website redesigns!


In summary, 2018 was an exceptionally special year for this unique company as it grew,

Leading the team into the New Year energized, inspired and ready for adventures anew.

Team SMG awkward family photo with employees dressed in blue tropical shirts. AKA pure awesomeness.Front row (L to R): Tim, Alexa, Santina, Heather, Jordan.

Back row (L to R): Dave, Mariah, Jen, Amber, Keely.

Disclaimer: Some SMG team members pictured above may appear smaller or more generally out of place than in real life. Others seem oddly right at home in their tropical shirts, for which there is no logical explanation.

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