Marketing Matchup: Innovative vs. Traditional

“Out with the old, in with the new” is the old saying, but is this really the best policy to have when it comes to your marketing plan? In this edition of Powered by Creativity we dig into the new business turf war – innovative vs. traditional marketing.


When you think of traditional marketing, you may think of the three pillars of classic advertising: radio ads, TV commercials, and print ads. However, it covers so many more products than you think. Business cards to billboards are all forms of traditional marketing that businesses have used for decades to brand their company to the masses. But that’s just it; this type of media relies heavily on a one-to-many paradigm, a one-way communication that serves to sell rather than to engage. The problem is that, with so many similar brand messages out there, and some that are less than honest about their product’s results, consumers rarely trust any brand messages. Every brand promises to be better than the rest, but not all live up to that claim. Because consumers cannot engage with this type of marketing, brands sometimes lack feedback to make their product better and more appealing to a target demographic – they don’t know what their market wants, so they can’t give it to them. This isn’t to say that this type of marketing is not valuable to companies; branding is essential to keep top-of-mind awareness. It all comes down to the customer’s take and experience. Period.



Sometimes referred to as digital or content marketing, this piece of the marketing puzzle encompasses social media, responsive web design, mobile apps, blogs, videos, and all manner of new media methods. Innovative marketing creates engagement and conversation with its audience, it is marketing geared toward you and what you like. This type of marketing de-commercializes brand messages and creates a conversation with the customer instead. Innovative marketing done right promotes the be-all and end-all of marketing: the coveted word of mouth. It is important to note that innovative marketing is not just another form of traditional marketing. If you are creating social media posts or other types of innovative marketing involving traditional media lingo, you are doing it wrong. Innovative marketing is meant to captivate, engage, and create conversation. It requires active involvement and real-time creation. This type of marketing strives above all else to be authentic and not rehearsed. It builds up your brand with messaging that your viewers want to research and read. This type of marketing is also very fast-paced, and tends to change with digital trends very quickly. What works today may not work tomorrow, and half the battle can be just keeping up.


Any good marketing plan is multi-faceted and at the end of the day, traditional and innovative marketing offer different ways to grow your business. While traditional and innovative marketing complement each other in the grand scheme of a well-rounded plan, you can have a purely innovation marketing plan; what you cannot risk in this day and age in is having a completely traditional marketing plan. Digital is here to stay, so get on board and get more active today with our help!

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