Creating Fresh Content – Tips and Tricks for Superior Results

Content marketing plays a huge role in business strategies across all industries. From providing customers with the information they want to growing your presence on the web, content is the king that rules the online world. In a world that is filled with countless other businesses trying to accomplish the same goals, how do you stand out?

This post aims to help provide you with the resources, ideas and motivation to tackle the beast that is content marketing creation, to give you the boost needed to keep that killer content coming time after time.

Keep it Fresh

Keeping your content fresh and consistent is essential when it comes to your content marketing strategy. As writers, we all experience similar obstacles when it comes to this vital component of writing valuable content. Writer’s block and lack of inspiration can wreak havoc on writing a piece of content as great as you know it should be. No one process is perfect, and oftentimes writers find changing up their routine can give them the inspiration they need to continually create the best content possible.

Feel All Those Feels 

Sometimes the act of sitting down and staring at a blank page is daunting enough to make your brain freeze. And not the good kind of brain freeze caused by a delicious scoop of sea salt caramel gelato; the kind that paralyzes you in front of your computer screen to the point of epic frustration.


We’ve all been there, and I’m here to tell you that although it can make you feel helpless, the best thing to do is feel all those feels and accept them entirely so you can move past them; even take a few minutes to write down your discontent to get it out of your system. This, coupled with taking comfort in knowing there are tons of different tweaks you can make to your process, can work wonders to get the creative juices flowing again.

Your environment continually dictates your feelings and emotions, so it makes sense that changing it up can work wonders to improve your level of inspiration: Take a break and go for a long walk in the sun. Read a great piece of writing. Bring your laptop outside and rest up against a tree stump for a writing session. Dance around your office for five minutes to your favorite song.

Making small changes to your process can give you the creativity and confidence jump-start to think more openly or from a different, fresh perspective that will lead to better content writing.

Stay Grounded in Logistics

Knowing the reasoning behind content marketing, how and why it works, and the purpose behind your efforts with each piece you produce is another key to creating valuable content.

Having a solid understanding of who you are targeting with your content is a great start and perhaps the most vital. Identify these individuals or groups and do your research on what makes them tick so you can grab their attention and deliver what you know they’ll be interested to learn more about. Your readers will love you for it, and this will position you in their minds as a reputable source that provides valuable content, eventually converting prospects into customers.


As a writer of the web, it is important to have at least a basic understanding of how content affects your search engine optimization (SEO). Knowing this helps you make decisions you know will work towards getting you the beneficial results that you desire for your business’s efforts, not to mention further position you as an expert on the subject.

Another key point to build upon knowing your SEO is to understand how searches work. Having a thorough grasp of how the most-used engines operate to deliver consumers the content they crave will give you insight into what your content marketing needs to include to keep your rankings where you want them. Check out this nifty article Google put together to help you understand just that in a fun, interactive way.


Nailing these aspects of writing moving forward will help your efforts produce the results you want, while also providing your readers with the valuable content they desire to help you give them the best possible user experience. We all know this to be the focus of 2016, because you’ve definitely read our part 1 and part 2 posts on it already.

Share to Build

The basis of content writing is to create and share content that your audience finds valuable and compelling, ultimately working towards converting prospects into customers. Once you nail down your compelling writing, you’ll find more people will subscribe to your content and share it with others because they know it will be useful. With consistent writing, especially quality but also quantity, you’ll gradually begin to see a loyal audience build. This doesn’t happen overnight and is a long-term strategy, but one that will be more than worth it for the future of your business.


Not sure where to start? Have more questions than answers about what you want your content marketing strategy to accomplish? Take a breath; we’re here to help. Drop us a note to learn more about how our team can help your business create a strategy tailored to your needs and to help grow your business.

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