10 Reasons to Run a Marathon (on a Relay Team)!

The weather is warm and the grass is green, which means outdoor season is here in the Midwest! Whether you’re an avid running machine or a couch potato looking to spice up your fitness routine, read on to find out why you should be a part of a relay team in the Grand Forks Marathon this coming September 23-24, 2016!

  1. Bonding Time is the Best

What’s better than hanging out with your favorite work buddies outside the office, or with your long-lost friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with? Setting aside the time to do something fun and memorable together is a great way to bond, and getting out and getting active makes being in a marathon together that much better!

Bridal 13 Team

2. It’s Good for You

Eating out or grabbing drinks together is great fun, but why not change it up and do something good for your bodies and great to build your team while increasing morale! Running releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy; being healthy, happy, and fit go hand in hand.

3. Get Some Cool Swag

If you’re just there for the free T-shirt and bragging rights, then you’re in luck! Being part of a marathon, whether you’re running as an individual or on a relay team usually involves some pretty awesome swag, pictures to prove it, and of course an epic finishers celebration at the end!

Total swag

4. An Opportunity to Wear Cool Outfits

Go hard or go home….with your outfits! From tutus to tie-dye, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to marathon relays. Above all, you’re there to work as a team and have fun, so bond together in bright colors and stand out from the crowd!

5. And Win Awesome Awards for Your Cool Outfits

As an added bonus, relay teams sometimes have special awards separate from individual racers, such as trophies for “Best Dressed,” “Most Spirited,” and so on. What’s better than having a blast together? Getting awards for it!

6. As Well as a Medal

A relay team finisher’s medal isn’t only a piece of cool bling, it’s also the perfect way to start your marathon medal collection and look back on the great time you had with friends, family, or co-workers.

Our Medals

7. It Doesn’t Take Months to Train

Running or walking on a relay team makes it easier to train, as they can range from 1 mile to 13.1 miles per individual. If you’re a non-runner, working up to 13.1 miles may take a little extra effort, but nothing like the intense, months-long training full marathoners go through. Most people can walk a mile with little to no extra training effort, so a relay team can really be individualized to your team’s capabilities and is the perfect choice for first-timers, “I’m just here to have fun”ers, and serious competitors alike!

8. Or a Week to Recover

Blisters, chafing, cramps, and soreness – no, thanks! If you’re there to have fun and be fit, but don’t want the lingering soreness and recovery time of a full 26 miles, a shorter relay option is perfect. Relay=more friends=less distance=more fun!

9. Check Something Off the Bucket List

Always wanted to run a marathon, but have never found the perfect opportunity to sign up? Face your fears together with your teammates and cross a marathon off the bucket list – so happy together!

10. Because It’s Just Good Old-Fashioned Fun

Get off the couch and out of the house, and have some good old-fashioned fun in the great outdoors with great swag and even better friends! What better way is there to unplug, run, and have a blast than a marathon relay with your favorite people?!

We know you’re ready to take the plunge and run hog wild, so grab your work buddy or your whole family and sign up to be part of one of the full or half Grand Forks Marathon relay teams sponsored by Stray Media Group over Wild Hog Weekend on September 23-24, 2016!


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