Three Ways to Throw It Back to Traditional Marketing

Every marketer has preached at least one thing (yes, we’re guilty too!): “Social, social, SOCIAL!” Since we are now in the “digital age,” everything seems to boil down to how many ‘likes’ you have, or how big your online presence is compared to your largest competitor.

Although we can’t deny that this is all very important, there is still something to be said for sticking to the tried and true methods of marketing along with your company’s online efforts. Traditional marketing can include direct mail, postcards, flyers, and even word-of-mouth exchanges. These “old school” ways have worked in the past, and can continue to work today if you implement them correctly. Here are the top three ways you can throw it back to traditional marketing:


  1. Improve Your First Impression – What is the first thing you see when you are driving by a storefront? Think about it. Before you scan the aisles for their buzzed-about product, talk to the customer service rep, or browse their coupons and promotions, you see their storefront sign. Signage is an incredibly important marketing tool, and without it, your store isn’t noticed – or it may be seen, but it is not remembered. For the potential customers that have not heard of your company through online platforms, signage is what can certainly draw them in. Signage doesn’t have to be big, flashy, or bright, but it has to represent your brand, your products or services, and the first impression you want to project to new customers. Does your signage create buzz? Does it entice potential customers to park their car and walk in?


  1. Be Direct – The digital age has provided us with many more conveniences than in the past. We can DVR any television show so we can skip the commercials, and we can get our coupons on our smartphones rather than clipping out a newspaper ad. However, even in the digital age, we still do one thing that we’ve always done: get the mail! Direct mail can be an extremely effective traditional marketing tool. Whether you want to advertise a promotion or inform customers about your newest location, direct mail gets in your target market’s hands easily. Creating enticing and vibrant direct mail pieces can catch a potential customer’s attention without their seeking you out online. It will come to their doorstep, where they have to see it.


  1. Be the Talk of the Town – We believe there is one method of marketing that will never be a thing of the past: positive word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth advertising is what oftentimes will lead to the most loyal customers. They’ve heard a recommendation from someone they trust, and they want an amazing experience just like their friend, family member, or coworker had. You can even take it one step further, and reward your loyal customers who create positive word-of-mouth. For example, if a loyal customer recommends three new customers to your cleaning service, reward them with a 20% discount on their next service. Remember, consumers can see how great a product or service can be online, through a commercial, or on a billboard, but nothing will spark their interest quite like a close friend saying, “You’ve got to try this!”


Are you looking to throw it back to some traditional marketing pieces? Check out our gallery and see what we can design for you!

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