Social Engagement Series: Facebook Contests

Are you struggling to boost engagement on your Facebook page? Contests are a proven way to grow engagement through rewarding loyal fans and creating excitement to encourage entrants to check out your page frequently to see if they’ve won. You have probably heard time and time again that photos and videos get viewers, but these do not offer the same incentive for people to share and engage with your page the way a contest can. In the algorithm-run world of Facebook, the more a fan engages with your content, the more your page content will show up in your fans’ newsfeeds. Which means that anything that will get them liking, comment, sharing or entering is a boost for your page.


An array of different contests will allow you to target your fans and increase engagement by:

SMG-Blog-Header1Contests that are interactive and authentically resonate with your audience create an opportunity for discussion between your business and consumers. Entrants in your contest comment to gain more votes, voters comment, and the Page itself can comment to encourage participation, all of which offer more ways for users to engage and get people talking about your brand.

SMG-Blog-Header2Photo, video, and essay contests can produce valuable user-generated content created by fans, increasing engagement and providing you with original material to repurpose. For example, let’s say a magazine holds a photo contest with a winning prize of having your photo published in its next issue. Not only is this is a great way to connect with and excite their audience to enter, but it also creates an opportunity for their fans to create unique content that will be a part of their brand.

SMG-Blog-Header3Collecting entrants’ email enables you to easily build up a base of contacts to connect with in the future and share correspondence, such as newsletters, surveys, new contests, or email offers.

SMG-Blog-Header4Because of their limited timeframes, contests help to provide excitement and a sense of urgency, motivating customers as well as those coming to view entries and vote for their favorite participants to take action. Together, this can add more overall reach, exposure, and interaction to the page simply by having two ways to participate, thereby creating organic growth, increasing traffic, and driving sales.

SMG-Blog-Header5Vote contests ask your target market for their views and opinions, and people love to share their opinions! If your contest hits home with your fan base, word of mouth can thrive and help to increase interaction on your page.

SMG-Blog-Header6Social media is all about sharing. Utilizing interactive Facebook contests can get your brand page and posts shared with hundreds or thousands of people. Creating a contest relevant to your brand gets your community interested, making it easy and fun for your consumers to share. Offering bonus entries for sharing with friends motivates participants to ask for votes for their entry, creating a social web driving friends and followers to your page in their mission to find votes.

SMG-Blog-Stat2Contests can be a powerful tool for your company to grow its social community. With increased engagement a brand is able to connect, be seen, and build loyalty with their online community. We love what we do, and we have fun taking on the challenge of boosting engagement on your Facebook page, and creating contests to increase activity stemming from your fan base. Let us take care of all the details while you take care of the increase in business, and together we can grow your brand while having a little fun at the same time.

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