5 Things to Know Before Building a Website

5 Things to Know Before Building a Website

Websites are more than just pretty faces. Developing a custom website is no small feat – it takes research, countless sugar-powered brainstorms, ample amounts of time, and great communication between you and your web developer to bring your vision to life. Here are 5 key things we at Stray Media Group advise you to know…Continue reading »

Brand fingerprint and brand identity

Brand Fingerprint – Does Yours Leave a Lasting Impression?

The millions of businesses in the world are as unique as the fingerprints of the billions of people on Earth. Why do some stand out more vividly than the rest? It all comes down to brand identity. Let’s first clear up some terms that can be confusing: brand vs. brand image vs. brand identity. They…Continue reading »

Team SMG a Year in Review

Team SMG – A Year in Review

With Christmas and the end of chapter 2017 so near,   Team SMG reflects on the year’s events we hold so dear:   A growing team full of creativity, laughter and life.   Led by the dynamic duo, Dave and Heather, who happen to be husband and wife.   2017 brought to us Tim’s friendly…Continue reading »

Video Marketing Stray Media Group

4 Things Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs

Connecting with your audience and building relationships – this is why we do what we do in the marketing world. There are countless ways it can be done, but some frontrunners prove time and again to be the most effective. A specific genre of marketing that amplifies your overall strategy by providing viewers with a…Continue reading »

Target Audiences

Target Audience – 3 Need-to-Knows

Marketing is all about connecting with people – you must listen to what they want or what problems they face that need solving, and be the business to provide the solution they’ve been pining for. Before you can swoop in and save the day, your business must first know who your target audience is, what…Continue reading »