Three trophies awarded to Stray Media Group

Awards and Achievements from 2018

2018 was a huge year for us at Stray Media Group! Our team nearly doubled in size, we had the honor of working on some incredible projects for our clients, and we received some recognition for our successes along the way. Most notably, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve won three awards for our…Continue reading »

Dark blue stone background with numbers for year 2018 transitioning to 2019

Stray Media Group – The Team, The Myth, The Legends

  The year was 2018, the team was SMG. Many exciting changes had them jumping with glee.   From being adorned with new, shiny awards to proudly hang on their wall To growing their team nearly two times its size, the crew sure had a ball.  

How to choose blog topics

Blog How-To: Choosing Blog Topics Viewers Want to Read

Picking a blog topic – easy, right? Not necessarily. The process of writing a thorough blog that hits all the proper check marks – captures your audience, answers questions, provides value, positions you as an expert – requires many layers of work. Where to begin? Here is a cheat-sheet for how to pick a blog…Continue reading »

Writing a blog

5 Steps to Build a Better Business Blog

Stop making excuses or procrastinating; if you’ve thought about posting regular business blogs or you’d like to sharpen up your skills and increase your posting frequency, the time is NOW! Why are blogs so important? They: – Improve SEO so you’re easier to find – Give businesses clout to position you as an industry expert…Continue reading »

SEO tips for your website

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve your SEO

It’s essential. It’s complex. It can be overwhelming. A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy has a lot of moving parts, but the most important thing is to just get started. Here are 5 things you can do right now on your website to improve your SEO.   Speed It Up Upload times are a big…Continue reading »