6 signs your brand needs to hit the refresh button

Fifteen years ago, if you needed a plumber or wanted to order a pizza, you’d pick up a phone book and search for the company you needed; today, you might use a phonebook to balance an uneven table. Times have changed, and if your brand hasn’t changed with them, you may be left in the dust. Successful companies update their brand from time to time as their target market, products, and industry trends fluctuate. There are many reasons why a brand may need a facelift, but the six listed below are a sign you should think about it sooner rather than later.


Your logo might have been cutting-edge at the start of your business, but if it is synonymous with pagers and floppy disks or it was designed using clipart before the brand was more established, it most likely could use an update. Think sleek, clean, and simple for a recognizable and appealing look.


New businesses usually specialize in products that owners have experience with and items that interest them. Flash forward twenty years; consumer demands have changed and products and offerings have changed with them, which usually means it is time for a brand to evolve. For example, if a business opened with a specialty in female-only fashions, but has added items for men, it would definitely need to change the flower motif and messaging to something that represents the expanded product line.


Most small businesses start out by offering basic services and with more experience, training, and growth, develop the capability of providing more advanced and specialized products. With higher quality products and services come increased prices; the brand and messaging should reflect those changes.


Do you receive a large amount of correspondence from people who can’t afford your product? If so, your brand and message might be giving people the wrong impression about your business. One major marketing tool that is often a key player in attracting your desirable target customer is your website. If you are trying to attract a higher-end customer with more disposable income, your website should read more luxe design than low-end template.


When you opened your doors, your business was unique and fresh. If there are five other businesses down the road that look similar and offer the same services you do, it may be time to rebrand, refresh, and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.


If a business has made the decision to merge with another brand, it is a good time to rethink its look and feel. If the products and services that the company offers have changed, then its brand and message needs to evolve to keep up with those changes.

Whether you fit into one of the examples above or you are starting your business from the ground up, Stray Media Group can help you build, refresh, or revitalize your brand with services from website and video production to keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media. See examples of our work or meet with us today!

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