5 Reasons Why We Love Marketing

Welcome to Powered By Creativity, a non-stuffy, non-agency feeling, marketing blog dedicated to sharing creativity, curiosity, and all that other really good stuff.

We believe creativity is powerful. So why not share it? At Stray Media Group, we want to show you our own experiences and ideas in a way that connects us to you.

Let’s get started! To kick this thing off, let’s take a look at 5 Reasons Why We Love Marketing. From outbound marketing and inbound marketing , to web development and social media, we dive into everything we possibly can because we enjoy watching brands grow.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons…

Marketing is Engaging1. It’s Engaging

Marketing allows a brand to connect and interact with customers and now especially with social media, this can be done in real-time.

Marketing is Evovling2. It’s Evolving

It’s never boring! From social media to blogs and mobile apps, marketing has come a long way since flyers and business cards.

Marketing is Entertaining3. It’s Entertaining

Marketing allows a brand to ‘let its hair down’ and show a softer, funnier, relatable side to its customers!

Empowering meme4. It’s Empowering

How else can a brand show-off what they can do? Marketing done right can introduce millions of people to your business.

Exciting meme5. It’s Exciting

It’s Exciting – Marketing campaigns everywhere are pushing the envelope and inventing new rules for marketers everywhere.

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