3 Things Your Marketing Strategy Has to Have

Once upon a time, marketing was as simple as taking an ad out in the local newspaper, making sure your company was listed in the yellow pages, and having great word of mouth (and a radio ad or two), but that was twenty years ago. This type of outbound marketing worked – but technology has helped the world become more personalized, and your marketing strategy has to keep pace if it is going to reach the right people. Times have changed, and your marketing strategy has to change with them.


Be Proactive: Marketing is what you do on a daily basis to connect with consumers. It is all about the impression you leave and the value you create in the consumer’s mind. Being proactive means that you are putting your customers’ wants and needs at the forefront of your company’s focus. It isn’t enough to just post things on your websites and social media pages and hope the right people see them — you have to actively connect with your customers.

Being proactive is the number one habit of highly effective people, and it is a characteristic of most successful marketing campaigns. Companies that are proactive in their marketing efforts tend to have better competitive positioning, use their marketing budgets more efficiently, and develop better brand loyalty.

Keep it Simple: One of the bad things about living in a highly personalized world is that consumers are hit with dozens of marketing messages every day. They pop up on television, they appear in games, they are on the top and side bars of every web search. It can be overwhelming. So what is the number one thing that makes one company stand out from another?

According to this article in the Harvard Business Review, the answer is “decision simplicity — the ease with which consumers can gather trustworthy information about a product and confidently and efficiently weigh their purchase options.” In other words, your customers want to be able to weigh their options, so make the pertinent information easy to find. In fact, companies that simplify their marketing messages find that customers are 86% more likely to purchase their products and 115% more likely to recommend them. This concept is the basis behind Apple’s classic “I’m a Mac ” ads and Miller Lite’s “Great Taste, Less Filling” ads. Simplicity works.

Im Mac

Stay Modern: Today’s consumers are increasingly tech savvy, and that trend is only going to continue going forward. Make sure your marketing efforts keep pace. Most companies do not use the marketing technology they have available to them very efficiently. At the same time, many companies are too busy to be aware of all the emerging opportunities technology presents. In contrast, most successful marketing strategies stay modern.

According to Forbes, marketing teams have people who “monitor the marketplace, identify business opportunities, collaborate with product people and run promotional campaigns.” They are also responsible for “identifying emerging opportunities, meeting with start-ups and running test-and-learn programs to evaluate their true potential.”

Developing a marketing strategy takes skill and time. You have to identify your customers’ needs and find ways of communicating the benefits your product or service offers, all while delivering those messages in the most modern way. Most companies do not have the luxury of having a dedicated marketing staff. Luckily, you can hire one! To learn more about how SMG can help you develop a successful marketing strategy for your company, visit our website!

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