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Writing a blog

5 Steps to Build a Better Business Blog

Stop making excuses or procrastinating; if you’ve thought about posting regular business blogs or you’d like to sharpen up your skills and increase your posting frequency, the time is NOW! More and more every day, blogs are becoming paramount to successfully marketing your company. In this digital age, you not only need a blog in order to increase your standings on search engine rankings, it also gives your business clout and increases leads by using the new method of attracting potential customers – answering their questions and explaining what makes your products or services unique and why they want to buy them.

Blog Target Audience

Today’s marketing communication is all about your consumer: Who are they, where do they work and what is their position, what are their goals, hobbies, and interests? It’s important to develop these buyer personas and use them to guide your content. Think – what does this person want to know and what information is going to be the most useful to them? This will not only help you choose a topic, but guide your writing style and know how to promote your content once written. You spend valuable time writing excellent content, so make sure it speaks to the leads you are trying to generate!

How to choose a blog topic

You have identified who you want to speak to, now it’s time to narrow down the field to topics you want to present. Above all, keep your business blog conversational and not entirely product- or service-oriented. Potential clients don’t necessarily want to be bombarded with general ways in which your product or service is the best, they want a solution to a problem – what benefit do they need that they don’t already know about?

For example, if your primary business is selling tools, avoid writing a laundry list of features of your specific tools and focus on giving readers examples of how your tools can make their lives easier and recommend projects that they can be used for, such as ‘5 must-have tools for DIY home repairs.’ Above all, make it a casual, friendly conversation instead of a lecture.

How to write a blog headline and intro 

Content is surely king these days when it comes to a marketing strategy, and we live in a Game of Thrones-esque world where there are more kings than you can count, with more and more popping up each day. In order to conquer the content world, you will need an epic headline and an intro that not only grabs attention but keeps the readers wanting more. Using numbers, keywords, and exciting verbiage is key – tell them why they must read this article!

How to organize a business blog

You’ve figured out the who and the what, now it’s time to write, organize, and condense your content so it is easy to read and retain. Start by doing research on your topic. Although you may be well versed in the products and services your business offers, it is helpful to see how yours stands out from the competition and you may even find new, unique, and interesting ways potential clients can use them. After research, you’ll have a better idea of what the most important message is and how to organize those thoughts. Try coming up with 3 to 5 sub-topics that you would like to cover that will be the most beneficial to the reader to start with, then keep what you want to say organized under those different sections. This will ensure a wide range of information, but also allow you to condense content to only need-to-know information within each part. Remember to keep it short and sweet; 1,000 words maximum. Your blog doesn’t need to be a novel with every last feature and benefit, just something to answer potential clients’ questions and get them interested.

Posting and promoting a blog

Once you’re done writing, the fun begins! It’s time to take a break, delete the blog from your brain for a bit (at least a few hours!), and focus on something else. Giving yourself a little time to refocus will allow you to have fresh eyes and reassess what you have written, reorganize, and edit better. It is paramount that your content flows well and doesn’t contain grammar and spelling errors, which can reduce the blog’s credibility. Always allow an outside set of eyes with grammar and spelling strengths to take a second look and make necessary proofreading corrections. After that, you are ready to post and promote. Writing your blog is only half of the equation; in order for potential clients to see and benefit from your content, it is vital that you choose where the best place to reach your target demographic is, both online and through your active social media platforms.

We get it – building and writing a business blog can seem like an extremely daunting task when you aren’t one of the few who love to write, but not having a blog can be a business marketing killer in this modern research- and consumer-driven market. Let us check this task off your to-do list with our team of professional content creators, who love to write engaging and shareworthy content. Meet the team today by getting hold of us at 701.757.2000.